A light-weight background mobile application that allows you to keep track of your employees, especially fieldworkers, and know their whereabouts.
MobiTracker can work in offline or online mode. If an active GPRS/EDGE/3G connection is found, user locations can be transmitted on regular interval to the back office; otherwise, locations will be captured and stored until a connection is available.
MobiTracker also includes a website on which authorized personnel can tracker mobile users by drawing their current location and recorded routes on GIS maps.

Mobile component features

  • Light-weight background application
  • Track users during work hours only by determining the start and end time of tracking
  • Determine the interval of GPS capturing

MobiTracker website features

  • Online tracking of multiple users at the same time
  • View the recorded route of any user
  • Zoom-in, Zoom-out and panning features for GIS maps
  • Support of raster, vector and hybrid maps
  • Support for Google or proprietary maps
  • Integration with active directory
  • Multi-browser support

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Amman, Jordan
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Fax: +962 6 53 77 092