An independent module that can be integrated with any mobile application to provide GIS functionalities. MobiDiscoverer consists of a mobile component used to display GIS maps and a backend desktop application used to prepare, clip and compress the maps. MobiDiscover Easily integrated with any GIS software like Esri ArcGIS that supports Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile component features

  • Help fieldworkers navigate their surroundings through maps with area names, street names and landmarks
  • Integrate with GPS technology to provide geo-fencing of fieldworkers in their designated work areas
  • Allow users to easily access and spot their tasks by displaying them on the GIS maps
  • Provide zoom-in, zoom-out, pan, distance and search functionalities

Desktop component features

  • Integrates with various GIS software packages e.g. ESRI
  • Provide processing, clipping, and compression of maps for use by the mobile component
  • Determine the layers and resolution to be included in mobile maps

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