Demographical Statistics

Demographical Statistics

MobiSoft has performed many statistical surveys based on Tablet computers and Smart phones. Our distinguish experience in mobility and the fast growing in adopting all new technologies and tools in the domain, make us a trusted provider for mobile solutions in the gulf and the middle east.

Using Mobile application in census has carried the whole collection process to a new level of automation, where the use of paperwork in collection was reduced to zero. A hugely recognizable accomplishment reached through developing and implementing census mobile solutions, which in deed make the collection process faster and more accurate.

With the continues collaborations between MobiSoft and our sister company RealSoft, we become the first and the only companies in the region that provide full automated census solutions, firstly crowned by Oman population census solution 2003, the first worldwide census carried through PDAs.
MobiSoft mobile solution for demographic census has lately improved to be operated in Android, IOS, and Windows devices, and continuously upgraded to utilize the latest technologies in GPS (Global Positing System), GIS (Geographic Information System), special maps, and other tools used in tracking workers and managing the field work.
Our demographic mobile application has edition for surveyors and other for supervisors, where more functions are provided in the supervisor edition to allow him/her to allocate and re-allocate tasks and review the collected data ...etc. This is all controlled through well-defined authentication and authorization.
To best serve the intended system features, the company followed an approach in which mobile census solution performs different checkups on the data quality in many levels, where validation rules are displayed during the collection process when incomplete or illogical data is existed. Other validation rules are displayed on the controller version of the mobile application, to allow supervisors to observe the areas of deficiencies and errors, and in some cases ask the collectors to re-collect the data to validate.
It is worth to mention that the validation of data is also carried out during the data transfer process between the mobile application and the staging area, to ensure no data loses or duplications.


Provide highest quality with respect to the information collected

Extensive use of Maps on the mobile devices

Data confidentiality guarded and ensured in keeping with the Statistical Law

GPS for user fencing to assigned work area

Field control through timely review of data, and online tracking the surveyors

Our Experience

In Jordan census 2015, MobiSoft drew a remarkable result through developing a mobile application operated on Windows 10© tablet devices. Later in time, MobiSoft developed the mobile application for the Ajman population census 2016, a project that was carried professionally, and marked another success of the year.
Jordan’s successful experience was preceded with a number of other successful experiences in some Arab countries. Back in time to 2010, MobiSoft had partnered with RealSoft to implement the electronic censuses of Qatar’s and Abu Dhabi’s and Oman’s 2010. MobiSoft continued to be the trusted choice for census mobile applications for other statistical departments, including Sharjah Statistics Center in Sharjah census 2015, and recently the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics in Palestine Census 2017.

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