Agricultural Statistics

Agricultural Statistics

MobiSoft’s Agriculture Census Solution is a paper-free, time saving and comprehensive way that facilitates each stage of the Agriculture Census all the way from workforce preparation to results extraction and dissemination, leaving you with complete and accurate information on which to base all strategic decisions and development plans.

Better planning tools for government decision makers
Higher productivity and efficiency for data collectors
Better outlook on the Agriculture Industry. Establish your agricultural frame in a record time.
Faster access to critical information and reports enables you to easily get funding from international agencies

Key Benefits

Observe field workers’ progress to ensure on-time completion.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a map is worth a million: View holdings and other agricultural entities on a GIS map in the back office.
Guide your field workers to their next destination using digital maps/routes.
Present supervisors with periodic completeness and consistency reports.
Collect complete and accurate information about holdings, farmers, crops, livestock, poultry…etc electronically from the field.
Obtain agricultural reports and statistics immediately for decision making purposes.
Let your field workers focus on their work in the field. Do not require them to come back to the office for transferring data. Perform data synchronization from the field.
Update questionnaires and business rules dynamically.

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