m-Order is a handy mobile application that assists sales professionals during their field visits. It provides them with up to date, accurate information about stock availability and client information and status enabling them to record and send orders while giving their managers and supervisors effective tools to oversee their progress.

m-Order automates all order taking procedures including journeys, visits and order capturing and  sending to the back office. It allows sales professional to perform stock inquiry and review and edit client information from the field.

It also provides sales professionals and supervisors with a reporting module which allows them to pull and follow up on important information including targets, sales and out of stock products.


  • Support (WP, WM, Android & iOS)
  • Handles assigning different products, clients and work areas to each sales professional
  • Up to date list of all customers with the ability of edit their information while in the field
  • Online inquiry about customer status & balance during field visits using GPRS/3G
  • Online inquiry of stock availability during order taking using GPRS/3G
  • Easy to use electronic forms for order taking with search functionalities to filter products and customers
  • Handling goods returns
  • Pinpoint the exact location of sales professionals during order taking using GPS
  • Support for offers and promotions with automatic calculation of free quantity according to product type and order quantity
  • Real time reflection of orders on backend databases and stock using GPRS/3G
  • Reporting functionalities assisting sales professional and supervisors:
    • Out of stock products
    • Target report per sales professional or customer
    • Customer orders
    • Customer promotions
  • Support for predefined journeys allowing supervisors to plan their teams daily schedule of visits
  • Exclusive supervisor functionalities including:
    • Tracking and identifying the current location of each sales professional
    • Following up on sales professional orders and progress
    • Target reports per sales professional and customer

Add-on Modules

  • MobiTracker: Online and offline tracking of sales professionals.
  • Navigation & Routing: Built-in navigation and routing functionalities to customers.
  • Barcode and RFID integration to identify customers.

Successful implementations

  • Jordan Drugs Store (JDS)

185 Wasfi Altal str. Khlda -Wahet Ammon Building
Amman, Jordan
Email: info@mobisoft-me.com
Phone: +962 6 53 77 090
Fax: +962 6 53 77 092