Mobile Medical Representatives

Mobile Medical Representatives (m-MR)

On the road most of their workday, visiting one physician, pharmacist or distributer at a time, wouldn’t it be great if medical representatives could write their reports, schedule their visits and meetings, plan their events both work-related and personnel and synchronize all this information while on the go?

MobiSoft’s Mobile Medical Representatives (m-MR) assists Medical companies, supervisors, and medical representatives achieve the above and much more.

Mobile application

Core module

  • Customers
    • Define and maintain customers (physicians/pharmacists/distributers
    • Provide detailed information about customers including: basic information, contact details, specialization, workplaces and schedule
  • Workplaces
    • Define and maintain workplaces (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, polyclinics…)
    • Link customers to their workplaces and specify their work schedule
  • Visits & Activities
    • Record and plan visits, double visits, symposia, meetings… in details
    • Keep track of promotional items given at each activity
    • Record and plan personal activities including office hours, cycle meetings, vacations…
  • Synchronization
    • Electronic synchronization of data to and from the back office through USB Cable/3G/EDGE

Ad-on Modules

  • MobiTracker
    • Track the exact location of medical representatives
    • Provide online/offline tracking using Google maps
    • Record each representative’s work route
  • Navigation & Routing
    • Provide navigation and routing functionalities to medical representatives during field visits


Administrative website modules

  • Setup & Configuration
    • Define & maintains item classifications, specializations, area bricks and promotional items…
  • Users
    • Define & maintain supervisors, medical representatives & teams
  • Team Management
    • Allocate representatives to area bricks and items
  • Visits & Activities
    • Plan visits and activities for your team and monitor their progress
    • Review detailed information about each visit and activity

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