MobiSoft was established in 2010 as a spin-off company from RealSoft Advanced Applications, and has continuously grew its client base of prestigious public and private entities spanning the MENA region by introducing cutting edge mobile technologies into new business areas. For the past 6 years we helped our clients accelerate their business cycles, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and extend their infrastructure through enterprise mobile business solutions, and has successfully endeavored into various verticals including Census and Surveys, Municipal, Sales and Retail, Marketing, Inspections, GIS and much more.
Mobisoft takes pride in its 6-year track record in the mobility industry, with an expertise that spans multiple development platforms including Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android, iPhone, Palm OS and J2ME and targets various devices including Smart Phones and Tablet PCs.


Statistical Solutions

MobiSoft successfully automated census and survey taking in a diversity of different fields and domains and it includes; Population, Housing and Establishments Censuses, Tourism Statistics, Agricultural Statistics, Economic Statistics, Consumer Price Index, Labor Force and Household Income & Expenditure.

Mobile GIS Technologies

MobiSoft has distinguished itself from competition through the use of GIS in mobile-based applications. Such an approach greatly enhances fieldwork by improving field navigation, providing graphic representation of tasks on digital maps and restricting surveyors to their designated work areas through geo-fencing. The Use of digital maps and GPS technology extends to pinpoint the exact location of fieldworkers during work hours in real time, and record and playback their work route.


MobiSoft provides various ministries, public bodies and municipalities with cutting edge technologies allowing them to perform their inspection and supervisory duties and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. These solutions are also used to schedule and plan field inspection, through mobile applications utilized by field inspectors during field visits.

E-Services and E-Government

MobiSoft has provided several Mobile solutions and packages for governmental agencies including population, housing and agricultural censuses, socio-economic indicators, household income and expenditure, labour force survey, tourism survey and other e-services provided for different sectors, such as the water and electricity. Meanwhile, our mobile solutions offer breakthrough perspectives to field management and tracking services to reach the highest level of field control and management.


Providing convenient user mobile interfaces, where SIMPLICITY is a basic part of our Slogan.
Identifying the clients’ needs, and providing perfect personalization options to fit their needs
Constantly striving for ways to improve processes, and move upward and onward to adopt the latest technologies in the domain.


Smart Phones and Tablet PCs have proven to be the devices of choice when it comes to effective and efficient field work. Trade in stacks of paper and reap the benefits of mobile devices to:

Gather error-free and accurate data through electronic data collection and validation.
Eliminate data entry through electronic synchronization through serial cable/GPRS/EDGE/3G.
Pinpoint the exact whereabouts of your team through integrating GIS and GPS technologies on handheld and backend applications.
Assist fieldworkers by integrated field navigation and routing functionalities.
Communicate with your fieldworkers through SMS gateway integration.
Provide infield image capturing through built-in cameras.
Provide infield printing functionality through integration with portable printers.


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