Mobile Van Sales

Mobile Van Sales

m-VS is a modular Sales Force Automation System which assists your sales professionals in realizing their targets and closing new deals, while giving supervisors effective sales force management tools.

m-VS allows companies to maintain the quality and timeliness of their services through empowering sales professionals with up to date, mission critical information in field. m-VS reduces long sales cycles and time spent on administrative paperwork allowing sales professionals to focus on profitable customer relationships.


  • Bilingual interface
  • WM, Android & iOS support
  • Barcode scanning & RFID for item and customer identification and search
  • Infield receipt printing
  • Backend integration with various ERP systems
  • Highly configurable and customizable

Core modules

  • Journey Plan
    • Navigation & routing functionalities to destination through 3rd party integration
    • Allows out of route visits and bank deposits
  • Customers
    • Support for cash and credit customers
    • Search for customers through barcode, RFID or GPS proximity
  • Financials & Bank Deposits
    • Complete handling of credit sales: credit and debit entries, credit limit, outstanding balance, …etc
    • Cash & cheque collection
    • Payment tracking
  • Order Management
    • Delivery of pre-orders
    • Order taking for future delivery
    • Perform direct sales
    • Proof of delivery though electronic signature capture
  • Van Stock Management
    • Stock count
    • Goods swap
    • Goods return
  • Synchronization: Electronic synchronization through cable, wireless, GPRS, 3G

Add-on modules

  • MobiTracker
    • Track the exact location of sales professionals
    • Provide online/offline tracking using Google maps
    • Record each sales member work route
  • Navigation & Routing
    • Provide navigation and routing functionalities to sales professionals

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