Jordan Population & Housing Census 2015 ... Another Success Story

The Department of Statistics in Jordan (DOS) has successfully completed all field operations related to the Population and Housing Census 2015. More than twenty thousand surveyors participated in the largest statistical project in the country's history using an integrated suite of systems and services developed and provided by RealSoft Advanced Applications.

The project was closely monitored by various government bodies and captured the attention of organizations of the public and private sector where the results will provide the  facts and figures needed for strategic planning for the next decade.

The use of innovative technology distinguished the project throughout the region. An integrated suite of applications provided end-to-end automation of all census phases starting from early planning and preparatory stages using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and the use of tablet devices with custom-developed data collection applications and built-in data quality, data consistency and fieldwork monitoring features, all the way to data processing and dissemination systems. The use of such technology will allow DOS to complete the data analysis and dissemination in record time. Census results should be out during February of this year, 2 months after the completion of fieldwork, whereas the 2004 census results were published after one and a half year.

The census was further marked by its extensive use of GIS throughout its phases including operations planning, fieldwork control and monitoring, recording the coordinates of buildings throughout the kingdom and spatial data dissemination.

As part of the project, RealSoft supplied over twenty three thousand high-spec tablet devices running Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 10.  RealSoft also provided a number of training sessions covering all technologies and components used in the project thus providing DOS with the capacity needed to independently manage and implement similar projects in the future.

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